Facilities, Equipment, and other Resources

Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources

D.R. Zak's laboratory encompasses 2500 square feet, which is divided among six rooms. Two lab rooms dedicated for plant and soil preparation contain balances, drying ovens, incubators, vacuum desiccators, temperature controlled water baths, fume hoods, a freeze dryer, an orbital shaker, a Tecator Cyclotec mill, SPEX Certiprep mill, a roller mill, a soil water pressure extractor, blenders for soil texture analysis, a Meinzer sieve shaker, and soil sieves. One room is a clean analytical laboratory dedicated to PLFA analysis and enzyme analysis. It contains a sonicator, a 12-port vacuum manifold, IEC Centra8 centrifuge, Organomation N-EVAP 116 heated N2 Evaporator, BioSpec homogenizer, Bio-Tek absorbance microplate reader, Molecular Devices F-max fluorescence microplate reader, a muffle furnace, vortex mixers, and analytical balances. One room is a dedicated hood room and it contains a Tecator DS-40 digestion block with an auto-step controller for acid digests. Two rooms comprise the analytical laboratory, which includes space and equipment for chemical and biochemical analyses, including a centrifuge, fume hoods, freezers, refrigerator storage and a walk-in cold room. Analytical instruments include: Finnigan Delta Plus isotope ratio mass spectrometer with a Finnigan Conflo II interface to a CE Elantech NC 2500 Elemental Analyzer; the stable isotope mass spectrometer also is interfaced with a HP 6890 gas chromatograph using a Finnigan GC/C III combustion interface. Other analytical instruments include: a CE Elantech Flash EA 1112 elemental analyzer, Thermoquest TRACE 2000 gas chromatograph, an OI Analytical Flow Solution 3000 continuous flow analyzer, Perkin Elmer Optima 4300DV Optical Emission Spectrometer TRASE portable soil moisture detector, portable Li-Cor 6400 Infrared Gas Analyzer with a soil CO2 flux chamber We have the equipment and ability to extract, amplify and separate DNA from litter and soil samples, which includes a Bio101 Beadbeater, two Stratagene PCR machines, two Strategene Quantitative PCR Systems, Bio-Rad gel running kit, a Bio-Rad DGGE Dcode system, and UVP mini darkroom for gel photos; we also have software for processing gel images and for manipulating nucleic acid sequences (ARB). We have access to DNA sequencing facilities on the University of Michigan campus, which we use routinely. In the office and in the analytical laboratory, there are 15 networked computers configured for data exchange and back-up, as well as remote instrument control.